Labyrinth Escape Games opened in May of 2017 when 2 escape room enthusiasts decided “we could do that”. The combination of a professional Graphic Designer and Contractor has allowed us to put form and function together to give us a unique perspective on Escape Room design. Our ever evolving location has allowed us to push the boundaries of the Immersive Experience and will continue into the future.

Meet our team


Timothy’s past experience in renovations makes escape room builds much easier. With both analytical and technical skills, as well as the ability to effortlessly build walls and hidden compartments, Timothy is both a whiz at puzzle creation and room builds. In fact, Timothy loves demoing and building so much that he has lovingly named his sledgehammer Smashy.

Management / Build Crew

Graham comes from a background in graphic design that helps with room layouts, poster design, visual stimulation, puzzle creation and digitalization. As both management and build crew, Graham keeps busy with brainstorming puzzles, building escape experiences and planning themes. When not hard at work, Graham frequents World of Warcraft and McDonald’s.

Management / Build Crew

Likely to win the award for “Most Polite Person Ever”, Alyson’s people skills are what set her apart from the pack. Ever polite and cordial, Alyson will always greet you with a smile. The only thing that rivals Alyson’s sunny disposition is her obsession with both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Start a conversation with her about either – we dare you.

Head Game Master

Cameron is our polite yet goofy game master. Forever a lover of jokes and comedic relief, Cameron is likely to joke with you if you find yourself waiting in the main lobby. One of Cameron’s hobbies is planning out puzzles himself – he loves to brainstorm and discuss his ideas. Cameron’s other hobby is collecting obscene amounts of keychain decorations. The more keychains he has, the better. In fact, one would say he carries more keychain ornaments than he does keys…

Game Master

Austin is as polite and kind as he is shy. As a game master, Austin will ensure you’re utterly prepared for your escape experience and deliver hints swiftly, should you need them. Austin is so hard working that he has amassed a collection of jobs. Due to how often he speaks of working at various locations, we are convinced he must never rest and, therefore, is a vampire.

Game Master

Cute. French. Bulldog. Need we say more? The only thing Jughead likes more than greeting people is eating food. And being around food. And begging for food. And waiting for his next mealtime.

The Boss