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How to Play

Book online

Find the challenge you want to take on with your friends and pick a time slot.

Bring your mind

Gather your best and your brightest friends and prepare for the puzzles that lay ahead.

Beat the clock

You have 60 mins to beat the clock and Escape the Room.




Rooms Played


Teams Who Escaped


Keys Lost


Cosmic Strike: Titan Down

You and your crew are on board the discovery ship, Titan, when the unthinkable happens - an asteroid impact has damaged life support and other vital systems. Work your way through the ship to find the problems and attempt to get the ship back online. Will you be able to repair the ship before it’s fully compromised or will the escape pod be your only option? Only time will tell!

4-8 Players
60 min
Cosmic strike logo escape room
Carnivorous carnival

Carnivorous Carnival

You and your friends have heard rumors of a haunted carnival where people have gone missing. When you decide to creep inside and investigate, you find yourself in a deranged clown’s twisted, high stakes game. To save the lives of you and your friends, you must beat the clown’s games. Be sure to enjoy your time at the carnivorous carnival – after all, if you fail, it will be the last thing you do!

There are sections of complete darkness in this room along with many jump scares.
Players must be 16 or older to play.

3-8 Players
60 min

Mission Dreadnought

You are a special agent tasked with infiltrating the battleship, Dreadnought, in an attempt to gain an advantage in the war effort. To avoid detection, tread lightly while you work your way through the belly of the battleship to acquire the enemy’s battle plans. Keep in mind that time is not on your side - race against the clock to complete your mission before the enemy strikes! Good luck, Agents.

2-8 Players
60 min
Mission Dreadnought title escape room
Merlin's Sanctum escape room logo

Merlin's Sanctum

You and your team of adventurers have stumbled onto the ancient sanctum of the legendary wizard Merlin. He has collected many treasures and now gives you the chance to enter his domain and collect the single most powerful artifact in his collection, Excalibur! But can you make it past all the traps and puzzles that guard his most prized possession? We shall see!

Please note that for smaller groups there is a split room at the start where a single person or persons will be by themselves for a duration of time.

2-8 Players
60 min

Knights Templar : Search for the Ark

The ancient order of the Knights Templar has been tasked with guarding the ancient Ark of the Covenant, until now a present day threat of the devious Illuminati, has forced an unnamed high ranking member of the Templar into the open where he has tasked you and your team with securing the Ark. You will have to move quickly through all the hidden puzzles to gain access to the most prized possession in the Templars vault before the Illuminati catch up to you!

2-8 Players
60 min
Knights Templar  logo escape room
Labyrinth escape room logo

The Labyrinth

The year is 2092 and the newest Video Game Experience has just been released! The Labyrinth is a game set to upset the balance of human existence that can immerse you completely in a digital world. The creators have put in many fail safes to keep the minds and bodies of the physical world intact but when a new age computer virus attacks the game will you and your team have what it takes to escape the crashing game before you are deleted?

4-8 Players


2 - 3 Players

plus tax$30.98
  • Per player
  • 60 mins
  • Select Rooms

4+ players

plus tax$29.20
  • Per player
  • 60 mins
  • Any room


  • 20+ players
  • large events
  • Team building

What some of our clients have said


I've done plenty of escape rooms and all 3 rooms at Labyrinth are absolutely fantastic. I have played all 3 rooms with a group of 4 and they were fun, exciting, and challenging (escaped 2/3). All of the puzzles are well thought out, and some are quite elaborate.
Both escape veterans and newbies will enjoy these rooms!


We've done all three rooms at Labyrinth and recommend them all. The team there has put a lot of time and effort into designing them and they have some very unique puzzles we haven't seen elsewhere. The owners are very friendly and great to chat with about how/why they designed the rooms. Worth a trip north of the city.


We just had my son's 13 birthday party at Labyrinth Escape Games and the facilities and owners are AWESOME. Extremely accommodating to our requests, opening up in the middle of week when they are normally closed. The rooms were very very well done. Can't wait to go back and complete the rest of the rooms. I HIGHLY recommend this facility for families.

Laurie Thomas

These guys know how to set up an escape room!! We had so much fun with the first room that we did the second one too. They both contain excellent, challenging puzzles. Great for a fun night out with friends.



Great friends and a great place make for awesome memories. I look forward to going back and trying the other room. It's a must do.


What is an escape room?

An escape room/game is a dynamic, fun, team building activity. It started in Japan years ago and now is sweeping the rest of the world as a new exciting form of entertainment. You and your friends/colleagues are locked in a room and have to solve various puzzles in order to escape before the timer runs out!


You will have one hour (60 min) to complete the room. Also please arrive 15 minutes PRIOR to your start time.


It is extremely important for your group to be on time. If you are late you may lose some play time.

Are there any age restrictions?

There is no age restriction, but anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian inside of the room.

Do we need a booking?

Yes we do require you to have a booking in advance. Please book on our booking page or call us at +1 (905)-503-4090 for last minute, corporate or outside of normal hours bookings.

How many players do I need?

The minimum number of players in a room is a requirement not a recommendation. If you do come with less than the minimum your game will be rendered unplayable. If you are looking for more than the maximum please contact us at  for more information.

Do you do Birthday Parties?

Yes we do, however we don't recommend our rooms to large groups of children under the age of 13. We also do offer a party room on site where you can bring food and beverages in before or after your escape room for an additional $65.00 plus tax for one hour or $100.00 plus tax for two hours.

How do i book or cancel my reservation?

Go to our booking page, find the room you would like to book and pick a time that works for you. Once booked you will get an email confirming and if for any reason you have to cancel, please let us know 24 hours in advance of the booking.


We recognize that you may get stuck during your time in the room. Luckily there will be hints available in all Labyrinth rooms to guide you to your ultimate goal.

Can i use my phone for help?

No, the use of cellphones are prohibited in the rooms and we ask that you use the supplied lockers to lock up personal belongings before entering the room.

Will there be any physical obstacles?

No, none of the rooms will require any sort of climbing, lifting or crawling to complete.


Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

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